HowTo: Update to Roundcube 1.4.9

Time for another Roundcube update! This time it’s a major upgrade from release branch 1.3 to 1.4.9 See all changes here: ->

On 09.11.2019 the latest major Release Version 1.4.0 was released. On 27.09.2020 the latest hotfix 1.4.9 was released. By now it’s really time to install the update, isn’t it? 😉

My Linux root server:

  • Debian 10 Buster 10.5 amd64
  • Dovecot as IMAP daemon
  • Postfix as SMTP daemon
  • Apache 2.4 as webserver
  1. Remove old backup (if there is any)
    rm -R /var/www/html/
  2. Create a backup of the roundcube directory
    cp -arf /var/www/html/ /var/www/html/
  3. Download of the latest release
  4. Unpack
    tar -xzvf roundcubemail-1.4.9-complete.tar.gz
  5. Change dir into the unpacked archive
    cd roundcubemail-1.4.9
  6. Execute the update script
    ./bin/ /var/www/html/
  7. Finished!

Author: Marco

Marco is an IT-System administrator and IT-Consultant with 10+ years experience. He is specialized in the delivery of virtual Apps and Desktops with Citrix solutions. In 2017 he has been awarded Citrix Technology Advocate by Citrix for his community work (#CTA). His second core area is availability & performance monitoring with Zabbix, a leading open-source solution. His employer is the German IT-Company ANAXCO, which is developing a Transport Management Software (TMS) based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. More about Marco

8 thoughts on “HowTo: Update to Roundcube 1.4.9”

  1. Hello, I followed your instructions and it worked very well in centos 6, a separate question, how do you put the box where the commands are on your blog? I really like it and I would like to put something similar on my blog, I have a wordpress blog, I’m a beginner lol

    1. 1. Most of configuration is saved in a SQL database, in my case MariaDB.
      2. The Roundcube setup is an in-place upgrade, it’s made to preserve your configuration.
      3. It’s seems like the config files are saved under: /var/www/html/your_roundcube_installation/config
      That’s why I create a backup of the whole folder in step 2.

  2. Hi Marco, thanks for your guide!

    I having a problem with the last step. Any idea where I need to install the last version in VESTA / Centos 7?

    But, I dont know in what directory install the last version downloaded.

    When I try this: # bin/ /var/lib/roundcubemail

    Console returns this: # ERROR: No valid Roundcube installation found at /var/lib/roundcubemail

    1. The error states, that roundcube is not installed in the path provided. You know where you installed roundcoube, don’t you?

  3. Hello Marco. Just want to share a thumb up for the guide, worked like a charm, I used twice in a row to upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4 to 1.5 branch. Worked again perfectly, was clear and efficient. Thank you. Nicolas.

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