Potentially ongoing worldwide UDP:443 (EDT) DDoS amplify attack against Citrix (NetScaler) Gateway

Since 19 December 2020 7pm CET we see a possible worldwide DDOS amplify attack against Citrix Gateway UDP:443 DTLS EDT services.


  • 11.01.2021: Added information about the new Citrix ADC Gateway (formerly NetScaler) firmware releases, which solve the memory leak issue with -helloVerifiyRequest
  • 24.12.2020: Added information about the official Citrix Knowledge Center article CTX289674
    Added a final summary, that repeats all possible solutions
    Maked it a lot clearer, that -helloVerifiyRequest doesn’t seem to work well
  • 22.12.2020: Added a warning note, that -helloVerifiyRequest doesn’t work on all Citrix ADC (NetScaler) firmware versions
  • 21.12.2020: Added a third possible solution regarding -helloVerifiyRequest
  • 21.12.2020: Initial version

The situation

During the night from Saturday (19.12.2020) to Sunday (20.12.2020) our Zabbix Monitoring informed us, that several Citrix Gateway VPX (50) appliances were at its license cap. We investigated the situation and soon found out, that we had 0 ICA sessions on most of them, hence no explanation for the traffic.

Zabbix Citrix Gateway Throughput Monitoring Graph
Zabbix Citrix Gateway Throughput Monitoring Graph

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HowTo: Create a NetScaler Load Balancing vServer for Citrix Workspace Environment Management on the CLI

Since Citrix has released Workspace Environment Management 4.2 there is now a complete section about #WEM in the Citrix eDocs. Part of the new official documentation is a section about load balancing advices. But before that, there has already been a superior blog article about that topic by Ryan Revord.
But what is still missing is a complete overview of the necessary NetScaler CLI commands. That way you can import your WEM load balancing configuration in less than a minute! As I try to do everything in NetScaler on the CLI, I documented the steps during my first WEM deployment and wanted to share them with the community. Continue reading “HowTo: Create a NetScaler Load Balancing vServer for Citrix Workspace Environment Management on the CLI”

Citrix Certified Associate & Professional – Networking (CCA-N & CCP-N)

Today I passed exam 1Y0-351 after I visited the early access classroom:
CNS-222EAI Early Access: NetScaler for Apps and Desktops
in may 2016. I already passed the CCA-N in August 2016, but forgot to post it here, if I remember correctly.

Citrix Certified Associate - Networking (CCA - N) Citrix Certified Professional - Networking (CCP - N)

I’m would like to say, that the new NetScaler Gateway classroom course CNS-222 was a great help and the instructor Paul Berr did a great job!

Since the course I barely use the WebGui anymore, and achieved great progress in CLI only configurations. I built my self several CLI templates for regular tasks and improved my skills from deployment to deployment.

You can see my earned titles here:

NetScaler CLI Syntax highlighting with Notepad++

Last Friday I had to write a large NetScaler config file. Most of the time I do this in a plain text editor. Then I asked myself, if there is any form of code editor for NetScaler. I didn’t found one after a quick research, but I found a syntax highlighting definition for Notepad++ which is a lot better than nothing 😀
Here is the source, it’s a German website, but you can’t overlook the following line:

“Hier die aktuelle Version [Stand 29.02.2016] : Netscaler.xml”
which means:
“Here is the latest version [Last Update 29th February 2016] : Netscaler.xml”

R33NET BLOG: NetScaler Syntax highlighting for Notepad++

NetScaler VPX Express 49.16.nc gets 500 universal licenses for free!

With the release of NetScaler Firmware 49.16.nc Citrix added free universal license to every edition.

What’s new (at least for me) is that the free 500 “Maximum NetScaler Gateway Users Allowed” are also viable for the Express Edition. See the following screenshot from a fresh imported VPX Express with 5 mbit license:

NetScaler VPX Express
NetScaler VPX Express