HowTo: Dell Wyse ThinOS Downgrade from 9.0 to 8.6

If you have performed your first Dell Wyse ThinOS 9.0 tests by now, you might want to downgrade those devices back to 8.6 again. In this guide I’m showing you how.

For this test, I initially upgraded a Dell Wyse 3040 ThinClient with ThinOS to 9.0 with the Dell Wyse Management Suite 3.0. After my tests were finished, I wanted to use 8.6 on this device again, as I use it mainly to reconstruct customer issues, and most customers still use 8.6.

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Dell Wyse ThinOS 9.0 & Wyse Management Suite 2.0

Dell has released a new major version of their ThinClient OS ThinOS, which focuses only on Citrix Workspace app enhancements.

A few days ago, Dell released ThinOS Version 9.0. To quote the release notes:

ThinOS 9.0 is a Citrix-specific release, which integrates Citrix Workspace app. Other Broker agent connections such as VMware, RDP, and Amazon WorkSpaces are not supported in this release. ThinOS 9.0 does not support the usage of INI parameters. You must use either Wyse Management Suite or the local Admin Policy Tool to manage your systems.

The important part is, that you can no longer rely on your good old FTP server and the wnos.ini. You have to implement Wyse Management Suite Version 2.0, which is currently the only way to manage ThinOS 9.0. Wyse Management Suite Version 2.0 is free up to 10.000 devices with a slightly limited feature set. You can find all details in the Wyse Management Suite feature matrix. Continue reading “Dell Wyse ThinOS 9.0 & Wyse Management Suite 2.0”

Dell Wyse ThinOS 8 und Citrix Storefront 2.0 – UPDATE: 07.10.2013

Im produktiven Einsatz habe ich momentan quasi zu 100% folgende Produkte:

Die User greifen dabei immer auf einen Hosted Shared Desktop zu, der vom ThinClient nach dem Anmelden automatisch gestartet wird. Dieses Konstrukt wird in der Form auch noch eine ganze Weile produktiv bleiben, weil es stabil und zuverlässig läuft. (Einen Artikel wie ich die oben genannte Umgebung auf ThinOS 8 bringe, wird es später geben.)

Trotzdem hat es mich interessiert, wie ThinOS 8 mit dem neuen Storefront 2.0 zusammenarbeitet, also ich habe folgendes getestet:

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