HowTo: Update Citrix Workspace Environment Management from 4.x to 4.2

A short HowTo about the Citrix WEM Upgrade process.

Download Citrix WEM 4.2 here:

  1. If you load balance your WEM broker, consider disabling the broker you update. Otherwise it’s no big problem, the agents cache the configuration.

  2. Check your Broker Service Configuration and write it down. My upgrade dropped the entire configuration. Better stay safe!

  3. Update your existing Broker through: Citrix Workspace Environment Management Infrastructure Services v4.02.00.00 Setup.exe
    The setup is straight forward, no details from me here.
  4. Update your existing Administration Console: Citrix Workspace Environment Management Administration Console v4.02.00.00 Setup.exe
    The setup is straight forward, no details from me here.
  5. Start the “Database Management” from the Start Menu, choose Upgrade Database.
  6. Enter all the information you wrote down during step 3 -> Press Upgrade.

  7. Check Broker Service Configuration if your connections details were dropped, if not, you are half way through!
    If your settings vanished, enter them again and click Save configuration
  8. You should now be able to open the WEM Administration Console once again!

  9. If you have multiple WEM Broker, it’s time to switch the active Service Group Members and repeat Steps 4-9.
    If not, it’s time to update the agents.
  10. Either you deploy them manually on each server. The setup is straight forward, no details from me here.
    Or you deploy the agent silent with your favorite software distribution tool:
    Citrix Workspace Environment Management Agent Host v4.02.00.00 Setup.exe /s /v"/qn /norestart"

  11. Congratulations, your Citrix Workspace Environment Management is now on version 4.2!
WEM 4.2

Author: Marco

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