Storefront Upgrade from 3.6 to 3.7 forgets default IIS Site setting

Today I did a upgrade on our standalone Windows Server 2012 R2 Storefront 3.6 installation to version 3.7. The setup went smooth, except that after the upgrade the default IIS website setting was turned of.

German Storefront Dialog
German Storefront Dialog

This was no real problem, but a bit annoying. I simply had to turn it back on, but it would be nice if this would have been tested before release.

Author: Marco

Marco is an IT-System administrator and IT-Consultant with 10+ years experience. He is specialized in the delivery of virtual Apps and Desktops with Citrix solutions. In 2017 he has been awarded Citrix Technology Advocate by Citrix for his community work (#CTA). His second core area is availability & performance monitoring with Zabbix, a leading open-source solution. His employer is the German IT-Company ANAXCO, which is developing a Transport Management Software (TMS) based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. More about Marco

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