Update 20.09.2016: Citrix Receiver 7.1 for iOS fails with Error Number: 183

A few days ago, Citrix release a new version of Citrix Receiver for iOS. This version fails on several iOS devices with different iOS versions. Users can login and get their application listing, but as soon as an application is launched, you see the Error 183. On the affected devices you see the following two errors:

Apple devices affected by that problem are listed in the correspondent discussion. Citrix is aware of the problem and announced a bugfix version for the faulty Receiver.

As a workaround, you can install the Citrix Receiver named “R1” which is the old 6.1.5 Receiver from Citrix. They leave it in the AppStore in case of faulty updates.

Update 20.09.2016: The Citrix KB CTX216501 has been updated accordingly.

Jailbreak für iOS 8.3 veröffentlicht

Update 26.06.2016: V2.1.2 wurde released!
Vor wenigen Stunden, wurde ein Jailbreak für iOS 8.3 veröffentlicht.

Aktuell wartet die Community noch auf einen Fix, da ansonsten Tweaks nicht möglich sein werden. Der versprochene Fix wurde am 26.06.2015 über die Version 2.1.2 bereitgestellt! Continue reading “Jailbreak für iOS 8.3 veröffentlicht”