#virtualexpo: Create unattended Setups with AutoIt when no silent setup switch is available

When creating automated (Citrix) Master Images for MCS or PVS, you often encounter software for which no MSI and EXE silent switches are provided – and the vendor refuses to cooperate.
In this session, Marco Hofmann will show you how to write simple unattended AutoIt installation scripts that can automate installations for tools such as the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

Today is the #virtualexpo hosted by Trond E Haavarstein. I registered a slot as a speaker, to talk about my struggle to include apps in my Citrix MCS Golden Master Images, which I built with the Automation Framework Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), when the vendor doesn’t include silent setup switches in their setup files.

For this purpose I’m giving an example, about how to solve this issue with AutoIt.

I you want to hear my speech and all the other great speakers, take a look at the agenda and register!

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I did become a CTA – How did that happen?

tl;dr: Create a blog, check out Twitter and follow the community.
Share content, even if you’re no Pro, everybody needs to start somewhere.

A few years ago I was thinking about which path I should take in my IT career. My key competences were clear for some time. During and after my apprenticeship at my employer ANAXCO GmbH, I was on several instructor-led Citrix classroom courses. One of my main tasks in our company is the design and configuration of Citrix virtual apps and Desktops Sites (formerly XenApp & XenDesktop Farms) for the provisioning of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 / 2012 / 365. There is a reason our company’s name is “AN AX COmpany”. So my work with CVAD and Citrix Gateway  (formerly NetScaler Gateway) was already settled. Besides that I had the opportunity to go to a brilliant deep dive classroom course for Microsoft Group Policy at NT-Systems in Germany. Continue reading “I did become a CTA – How did that happen?”

WordPress Blog isn’t on Google: Possible Yoast SEO sitemap error

A few months ago I discovered, that MeineKleineFarm.Net is not findable on Google anymore. This resulted in dramatically decreased visitor statistics, despite the fact the new content was created by me. I suspected a wrong sitemap configuration to guilty. Let’s find out!

A few months ago I discovered, that MeineKleineFarm.Net is not findable on Google anymore. This is really bugging me, since the purpose of this blog is to share knowledge. But a blog that is not findable doesn’t bring value to anyone. On the other hand, search engines like Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yandex index an rank this blog.
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Blog Language transition from German to English

After nearly four years and 108 articles for this blog “My little Farm” I suddenly realized why I never reached more than ~20 daily visitors. Sometimes ‘Captain Obvious’ is your worst enemy. Now that I look back, it just makes no sense to write IT focused blog posts in any other language than English.

So from this week on, I will write future blog posts always in English.

Twitter Analytics proofs me right on this, as my two English blog articles from the Weekend about Citrix WEM had a drastic impact on my stats:

I took a brief look around the blog, the menu and different articles. 95% are in German, but I will slowly transfer to English. First with the most important parts like the language of the WordPress installation and the menu. Later maybe some old articles that I still like enough to bring them up once more.

Citrix Certified Associate & Professional – Networking (CCA-N & CCP-N)

Today I passed exam 1Y0-351 after I visited the early access classroom:
CNS-222EAI Early Access: NetScaler for Apps and Desktops
in may 2016. I already passed the CCA-N in August 2016, but forgot to post it here, if I remember correctly.

Citrix Certified Associate - Networking (CCA - N) Citrix Certified Professional - Networking (CCP - N)

I’m would like to say, that the new NetScaler Gateway classroom course CNS-222 was a great help and the instructor Paul Berr did a great job!

Since the course I barely use the WebGui anymore, and achieved great progress in CLI only configurations. I built my self several CLI templates for regular tasks and improved my skills from deployment to deployment.

You can see my earned titles here: