Storefront Upgrade from 3.8 to 3.9 still forgets default IIS Site setting

Yesterday I installed the upgrade from Citrix Storefront 3.8 to Storefront 3.9 on our Windows Server 2016 Delivery Controller (XenApp 7.12 -> 7.13). The setup went smooth, except that after the upgrade the default IIS website setting was turned off. Again.. Like the last time I did this..

Storefront 3.9 – Set Default Website

I was told that this bug has been filed and will be fixed. But this hasn’t been the case yet.

Simply turn it back on, I hope next time this will be solved.

HowTo: Update Citrix Workspace Environment Management from 4.x to 4.2

A short HowTo about the Citrix WEM Upgrade process.

Download Citrix WEM 4.2 here:

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HowTo: Create a NetScaler Load Balancing vServer for Citrix Workspace Environment Management on the CLI

Since Citrix has released Workspace Environment Management 4.2 there is now a complete section about #WEM in the Citrix eDocs. Part of the new official documentation is a section about load balancing advices. But before that, there has already been a superior blog article about that topic by Ryan Revord.
But what is still missing is a complete overview of the necessary NetScaler CLI commands. That way you can import your WEM load balancing configuration in less than a minute! As I try to do everything in NetScaler on the CLI, I documented the steps during my first WEM deployment and wanted to share them with the community. Continue reading “HowTo: Create a NetScaler Load Balancing vServer for Citrix Workspace Environment Management on the CLI”

Citrix Certified Associate & Professional – Networking (CCA-N & CCP-N)

Today I passed exam 1Y0-351 after I visited the early access classroom:
CNS-222EAI Early Access: NetScaler for Apps and Desktops
in may 2016. I already passed the CCA-N in August 2016, but forgot to post it here, if I remember correctly.

Citrix Certified Associate - Networking (CCA - N) Citrix Certified Professional - Networking (CCP - N)

I’m would like to say, that the new NetScaler Gateway classroom course CNS-222 was a great help and the instructor Paul Berr did a great job!

Since the course I barely use the WebGui anymore, and achieved great progress in CLI only configurations. I built my self several CLI templates for regular tasks and improved my skills from deployment to deployment.

You can see my earned titles here:

NetScaler CLI Syntax highlighting with Notepad++

Last Friday I had to write a large NetScaler config file. Most of the time I do this in a plain text editor. Then I asked myself, if there is any form of code editor for NetScaler. I didn’t found one after a quick research, but I found a syntax highlighting definition for Notepad++ which is a lot better than nothing 😀
Here is the source, it’s a German website, but you can’t overlook the following line:

“Hier die aktuelle Version [Stand 29.02.2016] : Netscaler.xml”
which means:
“Here is the latest version [Last Update 29th February 2016] : Netscaler.xml”

R33NET BLOG: NetScaler Syntax highlighting for Notepad++